Whether you're migrating your website into GW Drupal, starting up a new social media account, or looking for guidance on content development, we've got you covered. Our digital experts offer a full range of strategies to make sure your web project succeeds. 

Website Content Development & Design

Information Architecture

Organizing your content is the first step in creating an effective website for your users. We follow industry best practices, GW standards, and the specialized needs of your audiences to help you create a structured, balanced website with information organized in an intuitive manner.

Content Strategy

Your content is what draws people to your site and keeps them there. We can help you strategize how to communicate your message, identify gaps, select the right content formats, and weed out the clutter -- for efficient and effective website content.

Web Writing

Writing works differently online than it does in print, and we've got the tools and techniques to fine-tune your copy. Pick up some new writing tricks during office hours, or schedule a web writing workshop for your whole team.

Graphic Design

We help facilitate your graphic design needs during any GW Drupal project. If you need graphics or promotional help outside of a new project or migration, contact Marketing & Creative Services and submit a project request.

Self-Service Websites

We provide access to GW Blogs, a self-service, WordPress-based website publishing platform suitable for small or short-term administrative websites (such as a conference), as well as for personal sites or blogs for current faculty, staff and students.

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to build community and reach your target audiences and build excitement around your school or department? We can help you develop a social media strategy or expand your existing presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Often misunderstood, SEO is a digital marketing strategy based on keyword research, community development, and competitive analysis. The Harvard Business Review recently outlined in their article, "Advertising Analytics 2.0", that SEO can have a return on investment equal to all of your display advertising. Work with the Online Strategy team to learn more about what SEO can do for your site.

Research & Analysis


There's no better way to understand your website than to see how users are interacting it. With the help of Google Analytics and/or SiteImprove, the Online Strategy team can help you translate analytics data and help you make informed decisions when building or maintaining your website.

Content Monitoring & Governance

Sign up for access to SiteImprove to keep an eye on the accuracy, quality and activity of your website. Everything from broken links and misspellings to outdated information and infrequently accessed pages can be monitored, enabling you to provide a positive experience for your website users.

User Research

Through research, interviews, cardsorting, and treetesting, we can learn who your users really are, what they're doing on your site, and why. Combine these insights with analytics data to lay the foundation for a truly user-friendly website.

Training & Support

Office Hours

We host regular work sessions in Foggy Bottom and the Virginia Science & Technology Campus. Stop by if you have GW Drupal-related questions, need content strategy direction, or would like some additional guidance on digital marketing ideas.

Reference Guides & Videos

We've designed both video and text-based reference material for GW Drupal. Specifically for independent use, these guides will help familiarize you with your website as well as how to integrate social media and apply SEO techniques.

Virtual & Classroom Training

We offer in-person, one-on-one GW Drupal training during all new website projects, and periodically hold classroom and WebEx sessions that are open to all GW Drupal users. For ad-hoc guidance and troubleshooting, we encourage you to attend Office Hours and review our online tutorials.

Looking for something else?

If you need digital strategy services that fall outside our usual scope, let us know—we'd love to talk about your project!