Our Team

We've got a strong, dedicated team with expertise in all areas of website strategy -- so you know your project will be in good hands from start to finish.


Leah Rosen
Associate Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services
[email protected] | 202-994-1455

Digital Marketing Strategy

Jon Hussey
Managing Director of Digital Marketing Strategy
[email protected]| 202-994-3938

Dan Lomask
Web Editor
[email protected] | 202-994-4049

Kalee Long
Web Editor
[email protected] | 202-994-5341

Shea Bartlett
Web Editor
[email protected] | 202-994-1462

Web Requirements & Support

Annette Thomson
Associate Director of Requirements & Support
[email protected] | 202-994-7629

Natasha Mojica
Web Producer
[email protected] | 202-994-5310

Jill Pichocki
Front-end Web Developer
[email protected] | 202-994-0593

Our Partners

We wouldn't be able to create great sites without our university partners:

Marketing & Creative Services: Providing web graphics, photos, videos and more

Division of IT: Web development and 24x7 support of our underlying technical platforms 

GW web leads: Spearheading the technical and web communication efforts within GW schools and divisions