Launch is the final phase of your project. The new GW Drupal site will be Launched, the Redirects and Proxies for the legacy website will be implemented, the legacy website will be retired and backed up if possible.

The Online Strategy and University Web Services teams will work together to perform any or all of the following tasks:

  1. We will Launch your GW Drupal Website We will let you know ahead of time when your site will be launched. There is nothing you'll need to do here except wait for your site to appear.
  2. Once your website is launched, we will Implement the Redirects for Legacy URLs and/or Proxies if there are any for your website. As we do this, you are free to start looking through your new website.
  3. Finally, we will Retire your Legacy Website if you have one, and your new website will be added to the GW A-Z list.