Key Features

GW Drupal, built on Drupal 7, includes a variety of features to help GW website owners meet their online content and strategy needs. Your site can include basic pages as well as bios, news, events, and forms. Additional features include:

Dynamic Pages

  • News & events landing page
  • A-Z directory 
  • Article & event archives

Sidebar Options

  • Events listing from your GW Drupal site or the GW Calendar
  • News listing from your GW Drupal site or an external RSS feed
  • Graphical and/or text-based promotions
  • Link lists  
  • Social media icon list
  • Social media feeds

Multimedia Integration

  • YouTube & Vimeo video embed capabilities
  • GW Drupal Photo Gallery
  • Flickr embed capabilities

Social Media Integration

  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Storify


Other Features

  • GW NetID authentication
  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization features
  • Web form security including CAPTCHA and encrypted form fields
  • Web accessibility features
  • Responsive design
  • Ability to share content with other GW Drupal sites

Have an idea for a new feature?

Is there a feature or functionality you'd like to see added to GW Drupal? Let us know!