Discovery & Planning

This first component focuses on information gathering and planning. During this component, you will complete a Project Questionnaire, attend an Intake Meeting, attend a Project Kickoff Meeting, and review and Finalize a Project Brief.

Online Strategy and/or the Stakeholder will work together to perform any or all of the following tasks:

  1. The Project Questionnaire helps you to develop goals and objectives for your website's success. It also helps to call attention to aspects of website development you may not have thought of, such as Content Strategy.
  2. The Intake Meeting will focus on reviewing the Project Questionnaire, serve as an information session between you and the Online Strategy team, and explore project constraints such as restrictive deadlines, project contacts, and some functional website requirements.
  3. The Project Kickoff Meeting will focus on the review of the Project Brief. The Project Brief is a document which contains the goals and objectives of the website, content strategy recommendations, review of key functional requirements, relevant website analytics, and the project timeline.
  4. The final step in this component is the approval of the Project Brief. Once the brief is approved, both teams will have a clear understanding of what to expect.