SiteImprove website quality assurance service: Opt in now through June 30

June 09, 2016

About SiteImprove

If you have not already heard about SiteImprove, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to this website quality assurance service already being used on more than 150 GW Drupal sites. SiteImprove is excellent at helping site owners:

  • Identify broken links and misspellings

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website accessibility

  • Search sites for a specific word, phrase, link, phone number, email address or other content

NEW! Introducing SiteImprove Analytics

We are pleased to announce that starting July 1 you’ll be able to access the SiteImprove Analytics module. In addition to providing statistics about how many people visit your site, it includes behavior mapping tools that allow you to visualize what paths a visitor follows through your site, what parts of the page are clicked most frequently and how far down the page they scroll. This feature will be free for all GW SiteImprove users for the first year, after which the pricing may be adjusted.


The rate for SiteImprove is $0.90/page annually. You will be charged twice per year, in July and January, based on your page count at that time.

Signing up for SiteImprove

To opt in or request a quote, complete the SiteImprove request form by June 30. New users will be added to the system in early July and will receive further details about billing and training at that time.

For an in-person look at SiteImprove, visit our weekly office hours and a team member can provide a demo and answer any questions.