SiteImprove Quality Assurance Reporting

January 08, 2015

The Online Strategy team is pleased to announce that the SiteImprove website quality assurance service is being made available to all GW Drupal website owners for a nominal annual cost. We highly recommend using this service for monitoring common issues such as:

  • Misspellings
  • Broken links
  • Broken images

SiteImprove also provides content policy and inventory features including:

  • Scanning for correct content usage (for example: "GW" vs. "GWU")
  • Scanning for unwanted content (for example: outdated GW terms such as "SASS")
  • Listing all pages on which a specific phone number or email address appears
  • Listing all documents grouped by type (PDF, Word, etc.)
  • Scanning for social security numbers to identify pages or documents that may pose a risk to the university


We are in the process of negotiating a volume discount with the vendor, with the estimated final cost being $0.75-$1.00 per webpage per year. For example, monitoring a site with 100 pages would cost $75-$100 annually (depending on final pricing). The more departments that opt in, the lower our overall per-page cost.

Signing up for SiteImprove

If you are interested in opting into this service, complete the SiteImprove Request Form by January 30, 2015. We will follow up with further information about cost, access, and billing once those details are finalized. Site monitoring is expected to begin by early February. If you are not interested in opting in at this time, the next opt-in opportunity will be July 2015.  

For an in-person look at SiteImprove, visit our weekly office hours and a team member can show a brief demo and answer any questions.


Sign up for SiteImprove

To opt into SiteImprove, fill out the SiteImprove Request Form by January 30, 2015. The next opt-in period will be July 2015.