Preparing for a Site Assessment

So you’re all done with content entry and think you’re ready for your Site Assessment. Well done! But before you hand the keys back to Online Strategy, you’ve got one more crucial step: conduct your own internal Site Assessment.

You’re ready for your internal review when your content entry is complete. This means that all of your content is on your website and up to date. If you are still working with other members of your team on content creation or approvals, or there are sections of your site that haven’t been entered yet, wait until that content is published before conducting a review.

To conduct your internal review, go through your site one page at a time, checking for consistency, accuracy, and clarity. Look for gaps, missed connections, and duplication. And on every page, make sure that:

  • All heroes have images (or are in progress in Marketing & Creative Services).
  • All content is real (no placeholder text or images).
  • Sample content pages have been deleted or unpublished.
  • Content is not duplicated within or across any pages.
  • The writing is approachable, easy to read, and uses plain language.
  • Your navigation matches the approved sitemap (or changes have been previously discussed).
  • All navigation items link to pages within your own site.
  • All files on your website are hosted in Drupal (no linking back to your old site).
  • All links work and go to the correct destinations.
  • Links to your own site open in the same tab/window.
  • Links to other GW sites, external sites, PDFs, and other files open in a new tab/window.
  • Links do not say “click here” or use spelled-out URLs. (Create links contextually within your content, using words that describe the link destination.)
  • Page content is divided using subheads formatted as "Heading 3."
  • Buttons, promotions, and graphics follow the latest GW brand guidelines.
  • “The George Washington University” uses a lowercase “the” in the middle of sentences. (See the GW Style Guide (PDF) for additional guidance.)
  • Acronyms are spelled out on first mention.
  • Sentences use only a single space after a period.
  • Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are accurate. (Proofread!)

Once you’ve reviewed your entire site, let your web producer know that you’re ready for your Site Assessment. If you run into any trouble, or have any questions about best practices for websites or GW brand standards, just let us know. Good luck!