Planning Your Project

GW Drupal projects require planning, research, communication, and okay, a little bit of elbow grease. But once it’s finished, you'll have a new website that's useful, usable, and easy to update.

There are four steps to creating a GW Drupal website: 

Discovery & Planning

The Discovery & Planning phase is all about preparation. Together with your project team, we'll put together a project plan that considers your goals, audience, resources, and timeline.

Content Preparation & Development

In Content Development, you'll create, organize, and structure your website content. Here, you'll think about content strategy, analytics, social media, writing for the web, and your publishing workflow.

Content Entry

The Content Entry phase continues your content development as you move into your GW Drupal site: getting training, entering content, and optimizing for a good user experience.


The fourth and final phase means you're ready for Launch, after your site has been reviewed, approved, and double- and triple-checked. It goes live—and now it's time for upkeep, editing, and ongoing maintenance!