GW Drupal Tips & Tricks: http vs. https

Screenshot of page with https error
Screenshot of a page being displayed improperly over https.
September 24, 2013

Have you ever noticed a page displaying without any styles?  Don't panic! This issue will sometimes occur when a site links to both "http" and "https" URLs. Certain browsers will interpret this as a mix of secure and insecure content, and not display any styles. 


There is an easy fix. Make sure all links within your pages are using the "http" version of the link via these steps: 

  • When creating a link in the WYSIWYG, use the "Drupal" link type to link to other pages within your site, and Drupal will automatically make this an "http" link for your external viewers.
  • When creating links in other fields, such as the "Read More" link on the News Sidebar or in the URL field in a Promotion, always make sure you are using the "http" version of the link.

Note that it is possible that future Drupal core updates will include a fix for this issue so users will not need to complete the troubleshooting steps listed above. This item is a known issue within the Drupal core and will be addressed by the Drupal community and delivered via Drupal core updates. While GW doesn't have control over the timeline, our development team completes available Drupal core updates on a regular basis and will implement a permanent fix as soon as one becomes available.