Content Entry

Content Entry focuses on entering both written and graphical content onto your site. Here, you will be trained on how to use GW Drupal, enter your content, and prepare your website for Site Assessment.

Online Strategy and/or the Stakeholder will work together to perform any or all of the following tasks:

  1. In preparation for GW Drupal training and content entry you should Review the GW Drupal Tutorials. This material is structured so that you can quickly learn the ins and outs of GW Drupal.
  2. Site Setup & Content Entry Training is a Work Session between you and the Online Strategy team to provide you with an overview of GW Drupal. Although it is not meant to walk you through all of the inner workings of GW Drupal, it allows you to see it in action and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. In training, your user accounts will be set upĀ and you will be given the opportunity to begin setting up your sitemap and entering someĀ content you've developed.
  3. After reviewing the reference materials and being trained, you will be ready for Content Entry. Most GW Drupal projects need about 20 days to complete Content Entry. Your project may vary.
  4. As you continue to enter your content, the Online Strategy team will help facilitate the creation of any needed graphics for your website. These include promotions, local brands and heroes as well as any other images you might need.
  5. As you finish Content Entry, you may want to consult the Pre Site Assessment Checklist to help you prepare your site for Site Assessment.