Announcing: Tabs and Accordions!

May 07, 2014

We are pleased to announce that GW Drupal now supports styled tabs and accordions! The new functionality can be accessed using the existing Quicktabs module to create multiple layers of content on a single page.

Accordion Quicktabs

Styled Tabbed Quicktabs

Like the existing “I am a” Quicktab Dropdowns, the new tabs and accordions can reference existing content within your GW Drupal site, such as a list of links in a Content Set or a basic General Content page.

Additional functionality includes:

  • The ability to deep-link directly into a specific tab and/or accordion
  • The ability to collapse all accordions on page load
    • Cannot be used with deep-linking into tabs

Currently, only Site Administrators have access to create Quicktabs (under Structure). Content Supervisors can add existing Quicktabs to pages via the Customize this Page button.

Keep an eye on our GW Drupal Tutorials section, as step-by-step instructions will be added soon!