Website analytics are a valuable tool for any professional communicator. With analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your website content, marketing, and social media, and help you better understand your audiences. With analytics, you can see:

  • What web pages are most popular
  • How long users are spending on your site
  • What words people use to search for your site
  • The town, city, or country your website visitors are coming from
  • If users are visiting your site on mobile phone, tablet or desktop
  • What websites are driving traffic to your site

This is just the basics of what analytics can teach you about your website and your marketing. With more advanced analytics, you can track individual users on your website, filter data by hundreds of variables or watch website visitor behavior in real-time. All of these capabilities are available for free with Google Analytics—the analytics tool used on all Drupal sites and most widely at GW.

Google Analytics

All GW Drupal websites have Google Analytics installed. To request access to your site's analytics, contact us.

To learn more about how to use Google Analytics, contact Jon Hussey.

Prefer to explore Google Analytics on your own? Google provides helpful guides to get you started as well as Google Analytics Conversion University with video guides on everything from the basics to advanced tools.